Maumu Hotel and Lounge is a star hotel located in the city center, exactly in the culinary center with a typical menu very famous Sate Kelapa Ondomohen (Jl. Mayor Mustajab No. 29-31 Surabaya).

The hotel’s location is strategic because it is close to the center of the crowd like Tunjungan Plaza, Delta Plaza, Word Trade Center (WTC), Atom Market, Shopping Center typical souvenirs Surabaya (Tiles Market), Burberry clothing (ITC), and the Grand City Surabaya.

Besides the proximity to shopping centers, do you want the hotel is also close to tourist attractions such as: the submarine museum and Cheng Ho Mosque and only be reached by traveling about 5 minutes.

Maumu hotel is very close to the train station Gubeng, and less than + 1 km or a trip with a travel time of about + 10 minutes. From Juanda Airport is + 14.12 km. In addition to its strategic location, Maumu Hotel and Lounge also hotels close to the famous shopping centers and malls like the Grand City Surabaya & Convention Hall with a distance of + 1 km to + 12 minute walk or use the vehicle at a distance of approximately + 1.6 km to + 4 minutes.

Jl. Walikota Mustajab 29-31, Surabaya Center, Surabaya
(+62) 31 5459999

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