Hotel Tanjung is the heart of the city of Surabaya, close to government offices, shopping centers, entertainment venues and other important places. From the Hotel Tanjung, to the Juanda Airport is only 30 minutes, 20 minutes to Purubaya Bus Station and Port of Tanjung Perak, and only 10 minutes from the Gubeng Railway Station and Grand City Convex.

Anggrek Restaurant provides Indonesian cuisine, Europe, and China. Indonesia typical specials, among others, Rujak Cingur, Rawon, Rice Pecel Ponorogo, and Sayur Asem. Provide catering services weddings and other parties.

Room facilities
Number of rooms are available with 56 rooms, with the classification of rooms ranging from: Suite, Deluxe, Superior, Standard, Senior Standard, and Standard Junior. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, Telephone, Bath-up shower, and is equipped with hot and cold water.

Jl Panglima Sudirman 43-45 Surabaya.

Telp: (+62) 31 53.44.031, (+62) 31 53.130.59


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