Hotel Pacific is one of the hotels located in the north of Surabaya, or is about 2 kilometers from the Port of Tanjung Perak. Travel time to the Juanda International Airport is only about 25 minutes, also just 10 minutes from the Suramadu Bridge. Its located in major business centers in the city of Surabaya.

This hotel would prefer to attend to the athmosphere of building a typical blend of Oriental and European. Blend the two styles can be seen when we will enter the lobby, a statue carved dragons and eagles, and several jars of Chinese motifs in the corners of the hotel, As in Restaurants Pacific and in Bussiness Center. It can be seen also in front of the hotel seems a few windows and towering pillars that stand, that characterize the European-style buildings.

That is what strengthens the Hotel Pacific feel of oriental and european in terms of the building, coupled with some existing chandelier in the lobby as well.

For hotel buildings operated since 2005, is located on an area of 1 hectare. Although located at the curb, but did not reduce the comfort of guests. You can feel when entering a room there, a sense of calm and away from the noise of the city ready to welcome.

According to information from the Manager of Hotel Pacific Fahmi Mahri, the hotel has just celebrated its birthday on 5 March, has a total of 61 rooms. With 58 standard rooms for IDR 265 thousand. These rooms have bathroom facilities with hot and cold water, and there are also 3 VIP rooms IDR 425 thousand, which also has a bathroom with guest room amenities (living room), and there are some other interesting facilities.

“Two rooms serve targeted a vast difference lies only in the room itself, the standard smaller size while there is room for VIP guests and certainly more widespread,” said Fahmi Mahri, The Hotel Manager.



Jl. Perak Timur 404

Telp . +62-31-3286787 / 8

Faks. +62-31-3286789

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