Surabaya Sports Museum

May 7, 2021 | Museums | 0 comments

Established as a tribute to Surabaya athletes who are excellents in bringing Indonesia to the international arena.

With total building area of 501 m², this museum located in the Pancasila Sports Hall, one complex with the THOR field, reinforces the spirit of competition to make the country proud.

From the collection of original medals donated by athletes from Surabaya to AR technology that allows visitors to take pictures with legendary athletes from Surabaya, all you can find it in Sports Museum.

Consisting of 2 floors, on the first floor you can find a collection of folk / traditional sports and inspirational words from athletes. On the second floor, there are many collections from various type of sports, such as Martial Arts, Wrestling, Badminton, Tennis, Beach Volley, and more.

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Destination: Museum
Address: Gelora Pancasila, Jl. Indragiri No. 6
Open: Tuesday – Sunday | 09:00 – 14:00 | Monday: Closed
Ticket: Free

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