Surabaya City Hall

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Surabaya City Hall was established in 1915-1925. The architect is GC. Citroen and its implementation by H. V Hollandsche Beton Mij. Spent about 1000 gulden at the time (about 8 million) for the entire cost (including its equipment), Surabaya City Hall also known as 1000 gulden building.

This building was only occupied in 1927 by the second mayor, namely G.J. Dijkerman.

Surabaya itself as Gemeente officially started to stand on 1 April 1906 and was led by the first mayor, A. Meyroos (in charge of 1916-1920).

GC. Citroen designed this building with a plan of Surya Garden is in the middle and enclosed by 4 buildings. Yet, because of the constraints of funds, the design is built only the back of the building and Surya Garden is positioned in front of the building.

Surabaya City Hall also has a basement (bunker) that in the colonial era used as a shelter for the mayor of the attack of the fighters. The bunker area is approximately 6-7 x 4-5 M. On the right side of the inside of the bunker, there is a room that used to be a storage of logistical goods to survive in the bunker. According to the story, a small hallway on the left side of the bunker connects the City Hall with the office house of Surabaya Mayor. A small aisle with the right side connects the City Hall with the Maranatha church. There are other versions that say the hallways just connect the City Hall left and right side of the building only.

Until now, this building still functioned as the office of Surabaya City Mayor. The 2nd floor as the office of the mayor and vice mayor of Surabaya. There is no change in the shape of this building, except the roof. In the colonial era the roof was made of iron frame and closed with a shingled roof (from wood), and now its roof using tile.

Taman Surya is also very shady with various plants for decoration.

Destinasi: Sejarah
Alamat: Jl. Taman Surya no. 1
Open: –
Tiket: Gratis

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