Klenteng Boen Bio

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Boen Bio temple located at Jalan Kapasan 131, is one of the oldest shrines in the city of Surabaya. The shrine, originally named Boen Thjian Soe Temple, was established in 1883 by two Chinese people: Go Tik Lie and Lo Toen Siong, in a land area of 500 m2 for the provision of major The Toan Ing in the area of Kapasan Dalam, Kapasan area which is in the middle of the village. Its construction was done by engineers from China. Since the original location was in the village, then in 1903 when Kang Yu Wei, a Chinese reformer, visited the temple, he proposed that the shrine should be moved to a large side street. It is intended to make this shrine easily reached by its people. Boen in Fujian language means literary or cultural, Bio in Fujian means temple. So, Boen Bio means Temple of literature. The Temple of Boen Bio was originally made to worship Boen Tjhiang, the deity of literature, and Confucian. However, the statue of Boen Tjhiang has been moved to the temple in Dukuh Village. This shrine is a silent witness of the last defence from the success of Confucian traditions in Surabaya amid changing times, cultures, and politics.

Destinasi: Religi
Alamat:Jl. Kapasan No. 131, Kapasan Dalam, Simokerto, Kapasan, Simokerto
Open: Selasa–Minggu : 09.00 – 21.00 | Senin : TUTUP
Tiket: Gratis

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