When you’re away from home, you have your own reasons to choose a hotel to stay. Some might mention budget, while others prefers luxury. Considering all reasons, CLEO Business Hotel offers unique premises and qualities to make YOU,smart travellers, have an enjoyable stay. 
We are pleased to welcome you to experience CLEO Business Hotel…

Cool. Choosing a budget hotel doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a good ZzzZ in a trendy, cozy, and comfortable room. All room arrangement, decorations and services are neatly delivered 24/7 to make you say “Wherever my business trip go, I will definitely stay with CLEO Business hotel.”

Clean. We are very committed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We know that cleaniness is the key to comfortable stay.Th erefore, it is our guarantee that YOU will always have clean room and hotel area with friendly services to make you say “Waking up from a restful sleep, gives me confidence to take the day ahead.”

Connected. CLEO Business Hotel are strategically located on the centre of business districts. It offers proximity to business centre, airport, train-station, shopping centre and all attractions that YOUR destination city has. Equipped with stable high-speed internet connection that covers every inch of the hotel area, you don’t have to worry about being disconnected from your business. It makes you say : “My business trip efficient, productive and enjoyable at the same time, thanks CLEO!”

Source: www.cleohotels.com

Jalan Basuki Rahmat No. 11, Surabaya
(+62) 31 532 3330
Website: www.cleohotels.com

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